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MadKon 600S Stainless steel Braai
MadKon 600S Braai with a large wood fire

The MadKon story
In 2013 when I sold my business , a friend asked me to fix one of his braais. We share the passion for adventure, camping and overlanding and wanted a braai that is collapsible, durable, pre-assembled and saves space. I put my thinking cap on and at the end of 2013 MadKon Braais were born and patented in Feb 2014. It is not easy to get a name for your business, I designed the braai and my wife is my supporter, motivator and inspiration! That is how we decided on the name MadKon - Madri (my wife) and Konrad (myself). 

In Aug 2014 we did our first expo, we were very nervous and were not sure if this is the right product for the market. We were pleasantly surprised with the  sales and then we knew we had a winner. We only had the MadKon 600S and MadKon Ammobox braai. We have developed it further where it is at the moment and numerous accessories were added to compliment the MadKon braais.

Currently the braais are available in USA, UK, Australia, Namibia, UAE and more countries to follow.

MadKon braais are a Proudly Premium South African Product that turns your outdoor occasions into memorable moments.

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