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Calamari Strips




Sauce of 1 lemon

80ml olive oil

3 garlic cloves finely chopped

5ml Dijon mustard

30 ml parsley

3ml thyme leaves

Salt and black pepper

Mix all the ingredients together for the sauce


Put the calamari steaks in milk for at least 1 hour before. 

Cut shallow notches crosswise and transversely across the top and bottom of the calamari steaks.

Put the calamari steaks on the grill and braai for 3-4 minutes a side over hot coals until it is no longer glassy but pure white.

Constantly spread some of the sauce over the steaks.


Serve with tartar sauce

Half Shell Mussels


500 g frozen mussels in half shell

125ml mayonnaise

100ml unflavoured yoghurt

Grated peel of 1 lemon

60 ml finely chopped parsley

1-2  garlic clove finely chopped

Black pepper


Pack the half mussels in a single layer on the grill,  bowl side up

Mix the rest of the ingredients and spoon over each.

Braai the mussels over hot coals for 5 minutes or until hot

Ammo Box braai
Calamari Op MadKon Ammo Box Braai
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