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MadKon 600S Stainless steel Braai
MadKon 600S Stainless steel Braai

MadKon Braai
Where innovation meets tradition!

Turn your outdoor occasions into memorable moments. There’s nothing like a good old braai with friends and family, right? Well, this truly home grown South African stainless steel braai invention, with design driven by strength and convenience, adds new meaning to the phrase “bring and braai”. This simple beauty is pre assembled making our beloved South African braai possible quite literally anywhere even in other countries where it is more known as a BBQ or Grill. Once cooled, it only takes seconds to fold up and pack into the customized canvas transportable bag. You are ready for your next adventure. If you’re a camping enthusiast – this little guy is pretty nifty. MadKon braai's are made from 1.2mm 3CR12 stainless steel which boasts great strength. And when we say strength, we mean tempered steel making the braai stronger every time it’s heated for the braai. The design is of such that it will not buckle or bend no matter how big or hot your fire is.

Various products have been added to the MadKon braai's to compliment them. We listen to our loyal customers feedback and have added or made some changes to the braai's or other related products, any suggestions or feed back can be send to us directly to

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