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MadKon Mini Braai

R 3495

MadKon Mini Braai in bag
MadKon Mini Stainless steel folding Braai Open

The Original MadKon design in its smallest form, but don't let that fool you. You can still make a fire in it to your heart's delight. Other material to cook your food on can also be used like charcoal or briquettes. Cooking for 2 people are easy with 3 different levels to cook on.

Braai consist of the following:

•1.2 mm 3CR12 Folding Braai
•Built-in grid raiser
•Wind deflecting back plate
•Food grade stainless steel flat grid
•Handles for flat grid
•Rip stop canvas carry bag


Closed :  60H x 240W x 350L mm
Open :     335H x 240W x 350L mm
Fire Box: 165H x 180W x 290L mm
Weight ±  5kg

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