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MadKon Ammo Box Braai Folding Lid turns your braai into a smoker/oven. Great for smoking any kind of protein or use as oven for pizzas, desserts, bread ect.  It can be used to bake most dishes that you would normally bake in your oven at home, it just takes a bit of practice.
Remember to put a piece of foil under your dish to prevent burning the underside of the food that you are baking.
We have found that using charcoal or briquettes are best for baking, as it last longer than some types of wood. 

Included in the MadKon Ammo Box Lid are spitbrackets, handle to keep lid open and canvas carry bag. 



Closed : 415 x 310 x 35 mm

Open : 415 x 310 x 290 mm

Weight : 6 kg

MadKon Ammo Box Braai Folding Lid

R1 595,00Price
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